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The Light Preserve Magazine is a rather loose concept: we'll know where we're going when we get there. Content is added on a regular basis. ("regular basis" - when I'm in the mood and have time.) This page is an archive index of older articles.

The galleries are comprised mostly of events local to the central coast area of California, and they are my interpretation and photographic expression of performers and people having fun. Community events and historic reenactments of time and place (such as the American Civil War and La Purisima Mission) have earned galleries at The Light Preserve. Galleries of car shows and road trips are also included.

Occasionally, editorials and information related to photography and web page design are added to the mix. By and large, the magazine includes those things that hold my attention long enough to get them online. Enjoy the ride!

Exploring the Preserve

Galleries in this section are my photo interpretations of events and activities. Special thanks goes to all the people who were photographed for the galleries in this section, for they made the events and activities what they were.