Enjoying The Light Preserve Galleries

Online Galleries

Welcome to The Light Preserve Galleries of fine art photography. This section presents a variety of photographs by Ed E. Powell in seven online galleries. Descriptions and update information can be found with mouse-overs on the Gallery Guide. Many of the photographs presented in these galleries have won awards, and most are available as exhibition-grade prints. Contact Ed E. Powell directly via e-mail for more information.

There are additional galleries in the Magazine section of The Preserve.

At each gallery, you will find framed thumbnail images of the photographs. Clicking these will connect you to their larger images. Clicking the larger image will return you to its gallery. A trail marker or cairn at the end of each gallery will take you to the next gallery in sequence. To go directly to a specific gallery, use the Gallery Guide at the bottom of each page.

Interested visitors may wish to see the Photographer Bio, Photographer Statement and Photographer Résumé sections at Powell's Cabin. For information on the design considerations of these web pages and how to get the most from this web site (and others), please check out the Visitor Center.

A nod goes to the people who have taken time to send e-mail expressing appreciation that all Light Preserve galleries are accessible without requiring javascript or Flash. Like them, I also have visited galleries that show me nothing other than a request to activate javascript or install Flash. And, like them, I move on to other web sites. So, thanks for noticing. All images at The Preserve will continue to be available to everyone with a web browser; no javascript or plug-ins required. I see no point in closing the door on five to ten percent of the visitors here.