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Photography is not my profession. I make photographs because I enjoy doing it. I do not make them for judges, nor for hire. However, I definitely enjoy sharing them and I appreciate the opinons of others. That is the purpose of this web site, and one of the reasons that I enjoy entering contests. Photographs must be seen to have any value, and I'm pleased that mine connect with so many people. Life must surely be for sharing. Otherwise, there would only be one of us.

I make no effort toward marketing my images other than acknowedging that many of my photographs are available for purchase. Please contact me by email if you are interested in a print.

Now, through the miracle of modern technology, there is another way that I can share my photographs. I have created a book, titled Lightfall.

of Photography
By Ed E. Powell
The book is 154 pages, of approximately 13x12 inches, and contains over 170 photographs. The selection of images is not constrained to the type of photographs in the Lightfall Gallery of The Preserve. The preview link will take you to the Blurb website, where you can see what the book is about and view a few sample pages.

A search for "blurb discount code" may turn up some price discounts from Blurb. I have no control over the amount or availability of these discounts, but feel free to contact me if you have difficulty finding them.