With Spring comes flowers and Faire, and with Faire comes play and laughter.

Irwindale Renaissance Pleasure Faire

~ 2015 ~

Red Hot Maypole Dance

The renaissance faires are excellent events for photographing colorful people (in both attire and character), period activities, silliness and good humour. The photographs on this page are from the first and third Saturday of the Irwindale Renaissance Pleasure Faire. Such faires also provide opportunities for the Loud of Mouth, and they can be heard hawking their wares and games, and engaging in amusing dialog of renaissance issues (and non-issues). For example, this year I came across a few good men of aristocratic standing deliberating over the idea of selling catch-and-release licenses to the boob trackers. It was a refreshing concept, and might yield well-needed revenue for the shire.

Village Life

The village is populated by many renaissance period individuals, at work and at play. Each is dressed in appropriate garb for the task. I don't know how period correct the hooka parlor is, but the silver certainly stands out against the red.

The Italians

This year, the Italians have moved from the village green near the jousting area to a corner near a stage and craftsmen. They spoke English and drank ale. I did not see any of them eating fish and chips.

The Renlets

The princess types were in full force again this year, and although there were no princes, there were some well-dressed lads. I didn't encounter any pirate lads, but they were probably sneaking about somewhere planning some outrage.

Food Merchants

There was no shortage of food, and no shortage of people serving it. The light is often soft and flattering under the food canopies, offering nice opportunities for portraits.


They did frequently gather to dance. They danced at the maypole. They danced on the village green. They danced on stage. They danced because their feet insisted upon it.


With so much dancing comes a great deal of music. Most of it was played on acoustic instruments of period design, and all of it was good. Music was performed by stage performers and street performers.

A Few Good Men

And Let Us Not Forget the Ladies

Well, really, how could we? Dressed in fine fashion, they are veritable walking ads for colour photography.

The 2014 Pleasure Faire was another enjoyable success. Special thanks to all the fine people whom I photographed. Be well!

Images Copyright © Ed E. Powell
All Rights Reserved