Wonderful people and wonderful music come together for a wonderful day.

55th Annual Topanga Banjo-Fiddle Contest
and Folk Festival


This year's event was much cooler than those that I have previously attended. Patchy clouds prevailed during most of the day. That made for soft, even light outdoors, sometimes yielding too little contrast instead of too much of other years. Still, the photography was good, and if I had to choose, I would prefer soft light over hard light. Also, as usual, in the "dance barn" there was very little light. In fact, this year there was less light then ever because, except for one single-width doorway, nothing was open to permit daylight to enter the barn. There were two rows of flourescent lights struggling to repel the darkness, and the rewards of their efforts were paltry. But enough of my rambling: the event was great fun, and presented below are some photographs to prove it.

At the Upright Playing for Judges Rehearsing Fiddling by the Barn Bass String in Motion Cap, Guitar, and Music Solo Break At a Treeside Jam An Early Arrival Picking Eight Because Life is for Living Last Rehearsal In the Moment Ready to Perform Strumming for a Song Straw Hat Pensive Corn Kids Dancin' String Jam The Scene Profile Portrait in the Dance Barn Rope Tricks Gettin' with It Sunlight and Hot Licks Nap Time Eight String Overdrive Bassman on a Porch

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