Turkey Buzzard music: a duo presenting honest, direct, and excellent music.

The Turkey Buzzards


The Olde Towne Nipomo Association presented several hours of bluegrass music at St. Joseph's Church in Nipomo. The event was not so well attended as the organizers had perhaps expected, but the musicians were undaunted and offered good performances. This article focuses on the Turkey Buzzards, a sterling duo whom I had not previously heard.

Let's start first with the stage. It was an effective mobile unit, and I was immediately delighted to see that the back of the stage was not trashed out with banners of commercial interests. Instead, we were treated to a very large, red white and blue United States flag. Excellent!

Dylan Nicholson and Eric Patterson, the Turkey Buzzards, also expressed pleasure for the huge flag instead of the usual advertising scum. It was an excellent backdrop for their music, and for my photography. For the Buzzards, the no-hype, no-agenda background fits their presentation perfectly. They deliver music without pomp or grandstanding. I got the feeling that they were vastly more interested in presenting the music than presenting the Turkey Buzzards. Their stage presence and demeanor was calm and honest, and perfectly suited to the music they played.

With only a big upright bass and an electric guitar, their presentation is uncomplicated. Dylan and Eric meld the two instruments seemlessly for a unified complementary result. They claim influence from Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. That is clear, but they have their own sound. Added to that are their own compositions and arrangements for a refreshing set of outstanding music.

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