The Central Coast RenFaire and RainFaire Event

31st Central Coast Renaissance Festival

18 & 19 ~ JUL ~ 2015

Romance in the Rain

The Planning Commission of the shire adopted changes that gave more interest to the village, giving a more interesting experience for wandering about. There was a greater fullness to the shire that seemed to offer more opportunities for photography. Of course, the usual characters were at large and could be found wandering the streets and paths of the shire. They made good Canon fodder.

This year brought an added bonus of authenticity to the Faire: a bountiful presentation of proper English rain. Naturally, with the comfort of guests in mind, this precipitous event was provided in a warm and cozy style: thunder, lightning—the whole bit—with flooded gullies and soggy townfolke, but not cold. I thoroughly enjoyed the weather, but it was not a welcome event to the merchants. Visitors did arrive in the face of the inclemency, and they were rewarded with sunshine in the afternoon.

Shown below are representative images of the event. Special thanks and congratulations to promotors, participants and visitors of the event. Be well!

Wandering the Shire

The Stages

Children at Play

Adults at Play on Horses

Photographs of a Rainy Morning

The Ladies

The Menfolk

Street Performers

All Images Copyright © Ed E. Powell
All Rights Reserved