Fantasy Weekend

Northern California Renaissance Faire ~ 2015

17 ~ OCT ~ 2015

Four of us — well, and a whole bunch of other people — decided to check out the Northern Faire this year. We saw some familiar faces from the Irwindale and Central Coast events, and some characters and shows that were new to us. Arcana Music and Dance gave a particluarly excellent presentation and everyone said so. At day's end, everyone got about an hour of music from Tempest, an energetic electric Celtic band.

The day went well except for my deteriorating back which had been acutely troublesome all week. Arrgghh. The tramadol, a synthetic opiate, offered some relief but I was uncomfortable the whole day. Consequently, I didn't get into the activities with the wide-angle lens so much as usual. Nonetheless, a few nice photographs came of it and they are presented below.

The Menfolke

The Womenfolke

About the Shire

The Childrenfolke

Arcana Music and Dance

Tempest After Sundown

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