Air Time

Seventh Annual Family Kite Festival ~ 2013


Something there is, about kites. When the wind and strings are right, they flap and hustle into the sky and then laze away their time aloft. So many years ago, my best friend Mike and I designed and built our own kite. It was, really, an astonishing flyer with an angle of elevation far greater than anything we had seen before. We were justifiably proud of our new creation, but it turned out that our "Ground Tethered Airship" was not new at all, but rather a reinvention of the French War Kite. Surely ours was more precisely constructed.

The Santa Maria Kite Festival is sponsored by the Santa Maria Discovery Museum and was held at Rotary Centennial Park in Santa Maria, California. The wind was gracious, the kites were colorful, and the people were all in good humor. After all, why not? It was a beautiful day, with picnic lunches and nothing more to do than fly a kite.

On the Airfield Man of Action Focused Launch Position Sky Flyer Polka Dot Pilot Relaxing at the End of a String Breezy Focused Fighter Jet Taming the Dragon Ground Crew Lift Peace Box
Flight Fashion Pirates in the Sky Launch! Aviator

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