'Tis a veritable feast for fun, mirth and photography.

Irwindale Renaissance Pleasure Faire

~ 2016 ~

Arrival of the Queen Herald

As always, the Irwindale Renaissance Pleasure Faire delivered on its promise of fun, color, entertainment, silliness and a bit of history. A variety of characters did wander the village, including a visit from Her Majesty! With enthusiasm and abandon (and camera), I did Canon-ize many of them at work and play. And thus, herewith, is a sample of their pomp and circumstance, their station and activity, and their style and grace. Or, in some cases, their lack thereof.

Village Life

Of Ceremonies and The Queen

A Few (of many) Performers

Fun and Games

Other Sights to Behold

Once again, the Pleasure Faire was great fun. Special thanks goes to the wonderful people who faced my camera, and to all the others who make the event such a hoot. Be well!

Images Copyright © Ed E. Powell
All Rights Reserved