If we're lucky, the next revolution will be at the polls instead of the street.

Fourth of July at Cayucos

~ 2016 ~

It was another Independence Day of playful fun in Cayucos. Most of my photographs were made at the parade staging area this year. High fog gave flat light, which has its pros and cons. But the people, as always, were animated and enthusiastic.

The parade seemed, to me, to present a little less variety than previous years. There was a long line of Ford Mustangs, testing our concept of countably infinite quantities. Mustang fans loved them, but they are not to my taste so much; I prefer the very old boxy machines and small sport cars.

Spectators were in a festive and playful mood, and there were a lot of them. I would not be surprised to learn that there were twenty to thirty perecent more people in attendance over last year. It is a tribute to the competence and determination of the organizers. Bravo, and thanks to everyone involved for a pleasant day!

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