Sunday was Pirate Day

32nd Central Coast Renaissance Festival

16 & 17 ~ JUL ~ 2016

Fine weather this year! And, as always, fine people. Regular visitors to the Light Preserve Magazine know how much I enjoy photographing events full of happy people, and at RenFaires such people are like part of the weather. They abound in great number, and they are a pleasure to meet and to photograph. And as for the Festival itself, the long and short of it is that the Festival is alive and well despite the rainy washout of last year.

The photography went unusually well for me this year. I found many opportunities and got good results from many situations and light. I think the refreshing new layout of the shire had a positive influence. The pirate theme added new elements and opportunities also. Sir Walter Raleigh also gets deserved credit for advising me of scheduled situations that might yield good opportunities with the camera. There are well over one hundred photographs below, many with comments included.

As always, special thanks go to the people who faced my camera. You've all been Canonized.

Accessories of the Shire


Queen About Town


Alexis Rosinsky

Playing Chess


Juggling School

The Rope

The Blocks

Pirate Contest

An Assortment of Renlets


More Games

People of the Shire

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