Old Stuff Waiting

Nelson, Nevada

Nelson is about eight miles southeast of Highway 95, on Route 165. Exploring the area with or without a camera is interesting and fun. There is a small store with souvenirs, drinks, snacks, and old things best not left outside with the weather. Good people, too, and I contributed twenty bucks to the enterprise just for letting us poke around. The population is easily countable at Nelson, but the property is privately owned. Keep that in mind if you visit so that others who follow will be welcome there. They also offer mine tours, and I hope to get on board for that some day.

The photographs shown here are from two visits. Old vehicles got most of my attention, but there are many other subjects, including a crashed airplane. The pictures with the white gas pump were made on separate days. Weather was overcast on one and sunny on the other.

Delivery Truck Glass Bottles Old Friends Garaged Cholla Light Roadside Business Preferred Parking
Texaco On the Sunny Side Cab View Out of Gas

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