Festivities of Olde

2017 Irwindale Renaissance Faire


Irwindale Renaissance Faire Irwindale Renaissance Faire

And so I did arrive for a day at Faire, on the last Saturday of the event. I'm usually able to attend twice—and sooner—but not this year. The April weekends offer generally cooler weather, but I was satisfied with the "toasty" weather at ninety-plus degrees. However, as a lowly peasant, I was not encumbered with the layers and voluminous garb of the upper classes.

With camera and no agenda, I set forth upon the village and its inhabitants and visitors. No agenda because no matter where you are and when, you're missing something elsewhere. Plus, with no schedule, I am free to pursue and enjoy whatever activities or good company I encounter, without regard for the clock. That works for me, and it's part of what I enjoy about a day at Faire: the only moment that matters is the moment at hand. What makes the whole affair work, though, is a plethora of good people in good humor. It's hard to go wrong with that. A few photos of the day are shared below. Be well!

The Working Class

A Few Good Ladies

A Few Good Men


Drum Jam

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