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2017 Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Contest


Everyone was encouraged to drink a lot of water. The day was sunny and "toasty," which I enjoyed and appreciated immensely. It wasn't the hottest day on record for the event, but very warm, just the same.

The musicians were in good form, as always. It was a feast for the ears. It also provided a plate of opportunities for photographers. Lacking on the menu this year, though, were some of the best opportunities to take advantage of great light at the Pavilion Stage. The judging area was ambitiously roped off, precluding access to a space at least twice as large as necessary to avoid interference with the judging process. It's about the music and the competition; I get that. I think, though, that, with a more considered appraoch, it could have been done in a more accommodating manner.

The whole affair is a good show, and the musicians obviously enjoy it immensely. So do those of us who come to watch and listen. Below are a few photographs of the event.

Fiddler in Red Glad to Be Here In a Spectator Role Dance Accompaniment Tuning Got Mics? A Lot of Strings Exit Stage Right Gleeful at Railroad Stage Hurdy Gurdy Man Red Harmonica Like Fire and Brimstone Tuning a Banjo On Ice Chest and Guitar Practice Joyful Leaning Into It Jammin' Closing In on a Fiddler In the Shade
Diggin' In Trio Jam Duo Jam Washboard Rhythm Good Guy in a Black Hat

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