Early Days at San Juan Bautista
(remembering when the planet was cooler)

Early Days

June 17, 2017

Well, it was cooler one-hundred-fifty years ago, but I was satisfied with the heat on this day. However, I wasn't dressed in layers of heavy fashion from the mid-eighteenth century, either. The reenactors came in all the proper attire, and brought with them a great bulk of period necessities and accesories. Whew!—my load of camera gear seemed, and was, petty by comparison.

This is an event that should draw more visitors. Perhaps the distance from 'big metros' curtails attendance. The reenactors were splendid: friendly, informative, and accustomed to cameras. I would like not to have seen bright white, period-incorrect signs in windows disrupting the mood. I also suggest putting unused props somewhere other than the northeast corner of the saloon. They quite trashed the mood and class of the room (and limited opportunities for photographing the musicians there). Still, photography was, as usual for events such as this, great fun.

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