Perhaps, in fact, it is possible to make more than enough photographs.

33rd Central Coast Renaissance Festival

15 & 16 ~ JUL ~ 2017

Once again, we got good weather. Saturday remained overcast through the morning, offering nice light for many subjects. Otherwise, sunshine prevailed with temperatures warm enough even for me. Add to that the many sunny dispositions of the people, and we have a fine day, indeed.

The balloon sword action was a big hit with the kids. It's a great idea and it was managed exceptionally well. It was an absolute melee of gleeful kids in piratical abandon. Hats off to the sponsors and organizers of this activity.

The costume contest also went very well. It appeared that many contestants came with ambitions this year. There were some truly excellent entries. Sir Walter Raleigh presided over the affair with his usual equanimity and aplomb.

I arrived at the juggling school in time to photograph a lovely lass learning the skill from none other than The Bawdy Juggler himself. And she got it! She was quite satisfied with her success and well she might be, for many others gave up before getting the rhythm and technique of it.

The Sunday pirate theme seems to be a success. I know that there are a few people who prefer a more "pure" renaissance experience, and I understand that. For most, though, it's more about the people, the fun, the silliness, the shows, and the period fashions and history. In either case, unless enough people come through the gate, the event collapses. Popularity forces the hand. The piracy bit is very popular with the kids, bringing in families and helping fill the gate. For me, it's an acceptable, yea, even enjoyable compromise. It remains a renaissance festival, and still draws the performers and visitors that I, and others, enjoy so much. I hope that we never see commercial subsidy, with brand-name banners and placards against every backdrop and stage. Barf.

Congratulations and thanks to all who made it happen, and to all who came as visitors to Tilbury. Many have expressed sentiment just like mine: a great part of the event is the people. Be well!

The Gate


Still Life

Sword Play

At the Stages

Costume Contest

Learning to Juggle

Snack Time

A Few Merchants

About the Shire

Her Majesty

Relaxing a Bit

Relaxing a Lot

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