Sights of the Sounds

Pismo Beach Jazz Jubilee by the Sea


The Basin Street Regulars have organized this jazz festival for forty-one years. Congratulations to them! And they get it right. Good music, good people, and good fun. Many other jazz festivals have ceased to be, but the Pismo Jubilee rolls on.

As always, photography is challenging at these events. Dim light, distracting stage "stuff" in front of and behind the musicians, and frequent fast and unpredictable action. I make an effort not to be in the way of the musicians and audience. I try to plan a shot, get into a position to make it, and then get out quickly. More of my thoughts on photographing live music can be found at the Photographing Musicians page. I enjoy the challenge. Digital cameras have made it easier. Many of the photographs below were made at ISO 25600, and they render much better than ISO (or ASA) film at 1600.

There are sixty-one photographs below. Pop me an email and let me know what you think; it will be interesting to know if my favorites are the same as your favorites. And why! Be well, and let the good times roll.

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