A weekend of good music and good people.

Jazz Affair at Three Rivers ~ 2019

It was a good weekend for first-timers to this jazz festival. The weather was perfect. There were stories of rain and wind in previous years, but this year was sunny, calm, and warm. Add to that a bit of music that was sometimes hot and vigorous, and you've got a splendid weekend.

There were three venues, one of which was outdoors. Each had food on offer for hungry ears. The Memorial Building got the Food Award with good food and service from the local seventh graders raising money for a trip to San Francisco. St. Anthony's Retreat was bit pricier, but more elegant. The Lion's Club offered hamburgers for only five bucks, which was good, but they came with soggy buns and no lettuce or tomato, which was bad. All three venues served up good music and plenty of it.

The RV people stayed on site at the Lion's Arena. Shuttles offered ride service among the venues. The bands rotated through the venues, and patrons could stay put and hear each band as they came through. The photographs below represent the weekend. Good fun!

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