Never mind the fire and rain.

Topanga Banjo & Fiddle Contest ~ 2019

The weather forecast indicated morning showers. A fire had destroyed the old western town buildings. So, we got some rain, though not a significant amount, and we didn't get the old timey location and backdrops. But we did get excellent music and people. Attendance was down, and some contestants did not appear, likely concerned about adverse effects of weather on their instruments. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable event.

Without the old buildings, there were fewer opportunities for photography. Distracting backgrounds were a persistent issue without the buildings. Some nice photographs came of the day, just the same. I will attend again, and hope for hot, rather than cool, weather. I do prefer the heat. And I'll bring my own drinks. I got a shrimp bowl (shrimp, rice, beans and plantains) for twelve bucks, which seemed reasonable. But three bucks for a can of Coke seems rather steep to me.

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