The Fourth of July is celebrated in fine style at Cayucos, California.

Independence Day at Cayucos

Once again, I enjoyed festivities at Cayucos in the company of good friends. The only downer was that my back gave me considerable discomfort. Still, I made some photographs, but not so many as usual. I enjoy doing it, but I passed on many opportunities because my back made everything such a challenge.

The sand castle construction began early, and when I arrived at 7:30 the structures were well under way. The fog cleared early this year, and by eight o'clock we had nice light on the sand art. I was generally too uncomfortable to get low for the best views, and I was reluctant to take more medication.

The parade seemed shorter this year. Many of the usual participants were there, but some were missing. I have not seen marching bands, dance troupes, or gymnastics in several years. On the plus side, the event was well-organized, as always, and everyone appeared to be having a good time—including me, back pain notwithstanding.

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