Where Pleasant People Congregate for a Weekend

35th Annual Central Coast Renaissance Festival

20 & 21 JUL ~ 2019

Aye, and a fine festival it was, too. The action began at the gate, with the morning parade assembled outside the village. Inside, visitors were immediately treated to music and dance. There was more music during the day on stages and spontaneously about the village.

Knights and warriors were ever present, along with pirates and other rogues. They were peaceful over the weekend, blending well with all the other good people—visitors and residents— in the village. They did all convene to visit the shops and engage in customary games. It was a merry time for all.

Photography faced the usual challenges of intrusive background and foreground elements. Light was often challenging, and color balance within multi-colored tents was sometimes most unruly. And, somewhere along my travels, I got my back into a bad way and suffered several most uncomfortable times on Sunday. Nonetheless, it was great fun and a few nice images did result.

Until next year: anon!

Near the Village Gate

About the Shire


Knights and Warriors

Costume Contest





Her Majesty, The Queen

Choose to Snooze

The Day Winds Down

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