A lot of old music done right and done new.

Pismo Jazz Jubilee by the Sea


It was another great jazz festival, and some good photographs came of it despite my nagging back. As always, everyone was in great spirits and it was a most pleasant weekend. Many of us are already looking forward to 2020.

I found more opportunities than last year for black and white photographs. Some subjects and situations really pop in monochrome where color becomes a distraction. Plus, there seems to be an innate sense that musicians in monochrome means jazz.

If you're viewing this page with a 4K monitor, that's probably unfortunate. Most browsers, with 4K, default to enlarging images "to improve the user experience." They fail. Their enlargement interpolation algorithms are truly horrid, and the result is blurry images with egregious loss of detail. If I provide images large enough to prevent such browser "enhancements" (cough, cough), the pictures end up on coffee mugs and t-shirts. So, we're kind of stuck with a less than ideal situation. You can download your favorites to view in other software.

Special thanks to all the people who made the Jubilee what it was: the organizers, the volunteers, the sponsors, the musicians, and the spectators. It was a wonderful weekend. Below are about sixty photographs from the 2019 Jazz Jubilee by the Sea. Enjoy!

Images Copyright © Ed E. Powell
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