The travels continue...

Bag Tours ~ 2019

Relative to the previous year, we had a pretty good idea what we were doing operating and managing the camper and its appliances and gadgetry. The camper is now less mysterious, and our interactions with it are more routine. Traveling in this manner does not deliver the same sense of accomplishment or challenge that we got on the bicycles, but it's good fun, just the same. It seems to be the best option for an old fart with a worn out back.

Photography was not generally the primary motivation for the travels depicted here. We did sometimes try to arrive at locations when we might expect ideal light, but the light didn't always keep the appointment. Many of these images were made for personal reasons rather than an effort to create "the next exhibition grade photograph." Some were made just to share some of the experience of our travels, and for that, I hope you will enjoy the selection offered below. Most thumbnail links to larger images include relevant information about our adventures.


Cholla Cactus View from Ghost Mountain Ocotillo Cactus

Northwest Nevada

Relaxing on Guru Road Fly Geyser Pony Express International Car Forest of the Last Church

Bodie Days

Big Wheel of Bodie Stagecoach to Bodie Dressed for Bodie Sunlight in the Church

Grand Tetons and Yellowstone

On Rocky Ground Roadside Drinks Roscoe Highway 40 Cold Running Water Mountain on Fire Morning Near the Tetons Where Buffalo Roam Trees in a Canyon Liife on a Ledge Boardwalk to Sunrise River Geyser Travertine Hat Geyser Action

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

Cactus in the Afternoon Cactus in the Evening Scenic Drive

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