The travels continue...

Bag Tours ~ 2020

Bag Tours: the truck camper is our big camera bag. We didn't travel so much as we had planned, but we did get out to a few places. With the truck camper, we are pretty much self-contained and isolating from covid isn't much different than staying at home. When fall arrived, though, we stayed at home entirely. Perhaps later in 2021 life will begin to return to normal.

Alabama Hills and Yosemite

Merced River Vernal Falls Sunset on Half Dome Alabama Hills

On the Way to Arches National Park

Valentine School Surviving Wild Horse Canyon Goblin Valley

Arches National Park

Double Arch Delicate Arch Trailside Gremlin Trailside Wildlife Milky Way and Balanced Rock

Corona Arch and Valley of the Gods

Corona Arch Trail Corona Arch Valley of the Gods Desolate Road

Grand Canyon

Scene of a Morning Hike North Rim

Lee's Ferrry

Rust in Piece Hoo Doo Dat Standing By

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