When we realize that we are all more alike than we are different,
we can all have a lot more fun.

More People

Of Time and Place

These photographs are more than just portraits. They are as much about time and place as they are about the people in them. As a consequence, these photographs are more informative than a simple head shot would be. If you like the "old-time" fashions, there are several pages in the Magazine section of The Preserve that you might enjoy.

The Shopgirl Cowboy Exploring Bodie Survivor
Half Elf Cigarette Camelot Comes to Pismo Solitaire Undaunted
Renaissance Mood Duchess in a Tack Room In the Confederate Ranks Dressed for Bodie Contemplation A Bit About Mary White on Black Keeping Up Appearances Hand-Rolled

Images Copyright © Ed E. Powell
All Rights Reserved

Distractions at Getty Villa

I enjoy making photographs of musicians, lovely ladies, and crusty guys with cool beards. Here are six fine and classy lasses enjoying a day at Getty Villa Museum. The art was splendid also, but the photos that I made of it were disappointing. Results of the ladies were more successful, with nice light and interesting backgrounds. They each get a star for contributing to a day of fun at Getty Villa.

Bluebird Patterns in the Gallery Dressed in Black A Quiet Moment at the Stairs High Boots and Fashion Valerie at the Villa

Images Copyright © Ed E. Powell
All Rights Reserved

On the Trail

While hiking and exploring, I sometimes find scenes that benefit from including someone in the photograph. A special thanks goes to the "Trail Pals" seen in this group, who faced my lenses for a photograph.

Picture the Fun Afternoon Cruiser Missed Call
At Sand Dollar Beach Complementary Colors Fashion on the Sand Celebrating Mooney Falls Friends Requiem for a Dead Tree a Dead Tree Canyon Light on Clarisse Two Worlds Bonnie at Bombay Beach Through Sands of Time Wheeling Agnes The Difference Just Passin' Through After Midnight

Images Copyright © Ed E. Powell
All Rights Reserved

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