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The Light Preserve Magazine is a rather loose concept: we'll know where we're going when we get there. Content is added on a regular basis. ("regular basis" - when I'm in the mood and have time.)

If you enjoy these articles and galleries, then you may want to check out the Magazine Archive for older entries.

The galleries are comprised mostly of events local to the central coast area of California, and they are my interpretation and expression of performers and people having fun. Community events and historic reenactments of time and place (such as the American Civil War and La Purisima Mission) have earned galleries at The Light Preserve. Galleries of car shows and road trips are also included. Plus, since there are three renaissance faires near me or near members of my family, you'll find plenty of photos here from those events.

Occasionally, editorials and information related to photography and web page design are added to the mix. By and large, the magazine includes those things that hold my attention long enough to get them online. Enjoy the ride!


Galleries in this section are photos of what I saw at these events and activities. Special thanks goes to all the people who were photographed for the galleries in this section, for they made the events and activities what they were.

Big Air at The Light Preserve
  • 2021
  • Bag Tours ~ 2020 (15-JAN-2021)

  • 2020 was a bust for event photography. Most events were cancelled. We did get a bit of travel in with the truck camper during 2020. Since we're largely independent and self-contained, it's not much different than "aging in place" at home. Nonetheless, when fall came, we elected to stay home. Perhaps the situation will improve this year, but I must confess that I'm not optimistic.

  • 2020
  • Bag Tours ~ 2019 (23-FEB-2020)

  • The Bag Tours item contains travel scenes from trips during 2019. 2020 came along with covid, and that put the skids on most events for the year. Festivals, reenactments and concerts were cancelled. And so it is that the only thing left for the magazine this year is some travel photography from 2019.


Factual stuff, to the best of my knowledge. Opinions included within are clearly stated as such. Tutorials, tips and empirical dogma from The Ones Who Know Things will be found here.



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Opinions. They may or may not be supported by fact but are, at minimum, supported by my personal experience. These editorials express my views at the time they are written. Sometimes my opinions change.